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Please carefully read these Terms & Conditions. This Site’s access and use are governed by these Terms & Conditions. By accessing or using this Site, you agree to be governed by these Terms and Conditions, as well as any other guidelines, restrictions, or rules posted in connection with certain portions or services of this Site. All other specified guidelines, restrictions, or rules are hereby included into these Terms and Conditions by reference.

Without previous warning, sanshapackaging.com maintains the right to make modifications to this Site and these Terms and Conditions at any time. Each time you access this Site, you should reread these Terms of Use.

You are solely responsible for the Content you incorporate into your Products, as well as any additional pictures, graphics, text, or other elements. You agree not to include any content, picture, design, trademark, service mark, or copyrighted material of a third party in your Products unless the owners have given you permission. You warrant that your Products do not infringe on any third-party rights, such as copyright, trademarks, rights of publicity, or privacy, and that they will not libel or defame any third-party, and that you have all necessary rights or permissions to incorporate third-party material into your Products. You warrant that you have all required permission, right, and power to place an order on this Site, and you authorize sanshapackaging.com to produce the Products on your behalf by placing an order on this Site.

The person who created the information, data, text, pictures, images, messages, and any other materials (“Content”) is solely responsible for it. As a result, you are solely liable for all Content you email, upload, post, or otherwise transmit through the website. You agree to follow all local standards for appropriate online behavior and content. You undertake not to use the website to upload, post, or otherwise transmit any Content that is obscene, illegal, or infringes on the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of sanshapackaging.com or a third party. sanshapackaging.com has no control over Customer-posted Content and cannot guarantee its accuracy, integrity, or quality. Sanshapackaging.com will not be accountable to you in any way for any Content you may encounter that you find offensive, obscene, or objectionable.

All artwork, designs, and pictures must be in CMYK format and have a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. Any color changes that occur during conversions from RGB to CMYK color modes are not the responsibility of Sanshapackaging.com. Sanshapackaging.com is also not liable for images that are hazy, deformed, or pixilated as a result of artwork provided by the customer.

Customer approval of the final artwork and job specification sheet is required for all print jobs. Customers will receive final artwork proofs and a job specification sheet via email once their purchase has been placed. Customers must verify all data included in the specification document, including but not limited to delivery dates and/or manufacturing speed, and confirm that all client needs have been appropriately noted. Beyond what is specified in the final specification sheet, Sanshapackaging.com is not liable for any specifications and requirements. Furthermore, the buyer is responsible for reviewing the final artwork proof, as proofreading is the customer’s job. Unexpected modifications can arise as a result of the various ways files are prepared. What you see on the final proof is what you’ll get printed. To check actual position, spelling, and other design features, Sanshapackaging.com strongly advises printing the proof at 100%. Sanshapackaging.com shall not be held liable for any design or spelling errors that are not recognized by the customer and immediately reported to Sanshapackaging.com. The design file and project parameters will be sent to the production department and printed as is once approved. Sanshapackaging.com is not liable for color matching or ink density once customers approve screen proofs. Design layout, text correctness, image proportion, and placement are all predicted by screen proofs, but color and density are not. In duo-tone, Sanshapackaging.com will attempt to match the gradient density of each color. Unless the buyer obtains a color match proof, Sanshapackaging.com is not responsible for the final appearance of a duo-tone. Furthermore, the use of lamination may alter or change the appearance of the printed colors. Sanshapackaging.com is not responsible for a laminated product’s final color appearance.

Please be aware that the paper/card stock used to print our products is not food grade. Any such request should be made in writing as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any specific food grade requirements for paper stock before placing the order.



Incorrect Font Usage and Graphics Orientation or Placement

Errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Die cuts that aren’t quite right, slits that aren’t quite right, or incorrect and missing folds

Size of the Finished Product

Color will be reproduced as precisely as possible from print-ready files submitted by Sanshapackaging.com. However, due to restrictions in printing methods, varying qualities of various printing surfaces, and neighboring image ink requirements, Sanshapackaging.com cannot guarantee color match and color density. Color reproductions are guaranteed to be within 90% of the final proof you approved in terms of accuracy. Please note that color reproduction for your print-ready files can only be guaranteed if you request a hardcopy proof for an extra fee. Please note that color variations between supplied print-ready photos and the actual artwork or product they represent are not the responsibility of Sanshapackaging.com

You agree to indemnify and defend Sanshapackaging.com and all parties from whom Sanshapackaging.com has licensed portions of Content, as well as their directors, officers, and employees, against all claims, liability, damages, costs, and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to I your breach of these Terms and Conditions or (ii) any suit, claim, or demand arising from or relating to any text, photograph, image, graphics, or other information provided.

Prior to printing/shipping, Sanshapackaging.com will cancel your purchase on your request. However, if your order has already been dispatched, you will not be able to cancel it. Orders may be cancelled at any time during the manufacturing process; however, cancellation fees will apply. Any cancellation fees will be communicated to you by our Customer Service Team.

1) Orders are placed online.

2) In our design section, orders are reworked.

3) The press receives the orders.

4) The shipping company collects and ships the orders.

Before step 2, you can cancel any order. If you cancel an order in stage 1, you will be charged $15 plus 5% of the total amount to cover payment processing, bank fees, and design department fees. For orders cancelled in stage 2, a cancellation fee of at least 20% of the total order amount is charged to pay our design department’s costs. We can still try to cancel an order once it reaches stage 3, but we cannot promise that it will be cancelled. If the order is still in stage 3 when the user requests cancellation, a minimum of 50% of the entire order cost is withheld to pay expenditures. An order that has reached stage 4 cannot be cancelled.

There are no refunds for design services orders after they have been placed successfully.

All sales are final due to the one-of-a-kind nature of each order. We’ll reprint the order if we find out we made a mistake. There are no refunds or credits available.

Any flaws, damage, or missing components identified in the supplied products must be reported to Sanshapackaging.com within 3 business days after order delivery. Any claims for flaws, damage, or missing products that are not filed within 3 business days of the delivery date are not covered by Sanshapackaging.com.

To get replacement products, the customer must return at least 99 percent of the received product within 10 days of the initial order delivery date (at their own expense). Without prior written clearance from Sanshapackaging.com, no returns will be accepted.

When placing an order with Sanshapackaging.com, you can choose from the following product options:


  • Ground shipping is free inside the 48 contiguous states.
  • After final proof approval, it usually ships within 10 to 14 business days.
  • Standard Service shipping times are not guaranteed.
  • Priority shipments are guaranteed to arrive within 8 business days:
  • After final proof approval, products will be sent within 8 business days.
  • EXPRESS – Ships in as little as 6 business days.
  • Within the 48 contiguous states, ground shipping is free.
  • After final proof approval, products will be sent within 6 business days.
  • Final proof approval must be received by 11:00 a.m. EST in all situations, or the shipment time will be extended by one working day.

Sanshapackaging.com will always make every effort to print and distribute orders on time. Sanshapackaging.com will not be held liable for any consequences or damages arising from any delays in the production, shipping, or delivery of the ordered products.

Customers agree not to hold Sanshapackaging.com responsible for shipment delays caused by technical faults, weather conditions, shipping company delays, international customs complications, or any other situations beyond Sanshapackaging.com direct control. Our suppliers’ estimates and recent order history are used to compute Sanshapackaging.com shipment and delivery dates.

Sanshapackaging.com will make every effort to ensure that delivery deadlines are met. Unexpected equipment failure, malfunction, or technical issues, on the other hand, may cause delays in the printing or shipping operations. Rush charges or expedite fees will be repaid or waived in the event of delays in the printing or shipping processes. Due to delays in the printing or delivery procedures, orders cannot be cancelled.

Sanshapackaging.com clients agree to pay all customs charges and fees on goods shipped to their addresses. Customers are responsible for arranging for customs clearance for products shipped outside of the United States.

Sanshapackaging.com does all possible to ensure that everything is flawless for the consumers, since both quality and price are a source of concern for them. As a result, Sansha Packaging is prepared to provide the highest quality at a competitive price. As a result, we have production facilities all around the world and always keep our consumers in mind. Our production houses operate in almost every part of the world, but Asia, particularly South Asia, is the most important of all, where quality and competitive prices are always available, and you don’t have to worry about shipping because it is our responsibility to deliver the product to your doorstep at no additional cost!

The following holidays are observed by Sansha packaging:

  • New Year (January 1st)
  • Martin Luther King Day.
  • President Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day (4th of July)
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanks Giving and day after
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas & Boxing Day (December 24 – 26)


Before accepting delivery, customers must verify all packages for evident signs of damage or missing items (as opposed to the items mentioned on the accompanying packaging slips or invoices). Customers should immediately notify Sanshapackaging.com and the delivery courier if any items are damaged or missing. Sanshapackaging.com is not responsible for any damage or missing item claims that are not reported within three business days of the order’s arrival. Sanshapackaging.com is not liable for shipping errors, omissions, or damaged shipments caused by third parties.

Typically, each ordered item is supplied with a few extra components that are provided free of charge. Rarely, a shipment may arrive with slightly fewer pieces than requested. Printing industry guidelines allow for up to 5% underage or overage. Customers should order 10% more than the required quantity if the exact quantity is required.

Packages that must be reshipped due to a customer error in supplying the correct mailing address will incur additional shipping and handling charges.

The site and its content are provided “as is,” with no explicit or implied warranties of any kind, including, but not limited to, merchantability, suitability for a specific purpose, or non-infringement. You agree that the site’s operation may not be error-free or uninterrupted. The site may include references to and links to the products and services of unaffiliated businesses. These references and links are supplied “as is,” with no express or implied warranties of any sort.

In no event shall sanshapackaging.com, its licensors, suppliers, or vendors, or their officers, directors, employees, or agents be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages of any kind, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data, or profits, whether or not sanshapackaging.com has been advised of the possibility of damage, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of the site, or failure to provide products or services sanshapackaging.com will not be liable or responsible for any damages or consequences originating from or linked to your inappropriate or unauthorized use of this website.